Sociology and High Self-control Child Essay example

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6 UPDATE on the film Lost in the Struggle  years later
Berns; never found a regular job. Berns was just arrested and charged with 1st degree murder. 25 year old father with another on the way. Is still a angry guy.

Chucky; says a lot in the past six years has helped him develop into the person he is today. Now he is in the security industry and wants to become a police officer. He has now seen the other side. Says he was a youth that was stuck in a kind of lifestyle that he thought was right (tough). He regrets a lot of what he is done. But says if eh didn’t he wouldn’t have learned and be where he is today. However a few days later chucky was fired from his job after they found out about his past. He says he is not giving up and will find another job.

Labelling Theory – the difficulty of transforming out of secondary deviance. Chucky is an example of this as after his job found out about this they label him.

Social control theory (cont)
Everyone is equally capable and likely to commit crime, if there are no “controls”. Society acts as a restraint, making us more likely to conform. In the absent of controls we are more likely to deviate (to commit a crime).

General Theory of Crime
A criminological theory about the lack of individual self-control as the main factor behind criminal behaviour. The self-control theory of crime suggests that individuals who were ineffectually parented before the age of ten develop less self-control than individuals of approximately the same age who were raised with better parenting. Research has also found that low levels of self-control are correlated with criminal and impulsive conduct.
-Self-control (Hirshi);
We learn self control when we are children! What we learn as a child stays with us throughout or life. Essentially children who have low self control will have poor relationships with their parents (non-loving, or close) or parents who don’t have good parenting skills.

Research Evidence: (Family, school, religion)
- Family; 3 elements of family life! Emotion ties to family, the role and type of discipline your parents use and the role-model of your parents.
• Emotional ties- Parents who are close to their children (positive ties), parents who create a pleasant space for their kid or a safe place/atmosphere will create a high self-control child. If this is not the case is flipped to negative atmosphere the theory says that a child will have more issues lower…