Essay about Sociology and Highest Suicide Rate

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Angel Caba
Homework Assignment #7
Professor Bach

Every culture is the same when it comes to the basics at least. THey all have their own norms, folkways and taboos. But they all rely on either individualist or collectivist. Individualist in a culture is relying on yourself and only everything you do is to benefit yourself or family. While a collectivist is more about everyone helping one another, always doing something to help their community. In the stories that we read this week we get a glimpse of both of these. The one I will be focusing on is “The Plight of the Little Emperors” the story of how parents in China are very serious about their childrens education. Going to such as to quit their jobs to be with their children in class. It seems as though this community to me at least is more of an individualist community then collectivist. Mostly because of the parents and how they push their children to succeed to become something. By showing children how to succeed it only teaches them thta i must benefit myself. While life is like this and we all must think of ourselves over others but in this community it more of only help family and yourself. Children are shown this heavy burden of school because of their parents and it makes them want to live but they cannot cause all their lives it will always be I have to work and keep working in order to pay my bills and get things. With a life like that you are always just benefitting yourself and no one else. With a