Essay Sociology and Joint Stock Companies

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Urban social Classes
-By 1750 the majority of the population was living in abject poverty.
-The guys are not getting married because it takes time to get trained (apprentice) = Cheap labor.
-Labor market in Europe right now is out the wazoo. Money values decrease because of food shortages, food prices sky rocketing, and not so much real earnings.
-Uprising…. Massive stricken class, the government of this class has two options. 1) They can wait for a revolution. 2) Create Colonies = closer everything.
-Majority of the population of Europe is single. The rape rates are through the roof… LOL Women had to be escorted everywhere.
-No hope for future, so Colonization is the social escape valve. (You can basically send people to an island to give them false hope.) Commercial techniques and technology
-Europeans developed these things to finance their worldwide expansion. These included Central Banks, Joint Stock companies, Stock Markets, Internal Infrastructure.
-Tariff = Taxing imported goods.
-By 1700 some of the hunger for food is alleviated by American Crops.
-The potato and corn are the best type of crop. Peasantry and Gentry
-The Bourgeois joined with the kings in business
-Agriculture in Europe is deteriorating.. So the peasants are going to the cities. The lands are used for raising sheep.
-The Bourgeois are buying up the ancient lands from the Lords.
-The peasants/poor are always getting taxed the most.
-1750 The majority of Europeans were