Sociology and Mayor Marty Walsh Essay

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Sociological Imagination

Thomas Sullivan

Bostonʹs ban on anti‐Olympics talk is unproductive‐workers‐olympics‐speech‐ban/ “Boston’s mayor signed a decree that prohibits city workers from badmouthing the city’s
Olympic bid – a move that raises legal questions and could come back to bite him.” Boston’s recently announced bid for the 2024 Olympics is a very popular public issue and Mayor Marty
Walsh has signed a decree ordering the city’s employees and representatives to keep their negative opinions to themselves. Some of the public’s concerns include another large construction project in the city, overpopulation during the Olympics, raised taxes and desertion of new facilities after the Olympic Games. The structure in this situation is the Mayor attempting to promote positive discussion and develop a plan that will work, however, this law may have the opposite effect on the public. The agency includes city employees, representatives, and politicians who are concerned about their 1st Amendment rights. If you don’t allow criticism, people will quit the debate and all that remains will be “yes‐men” and “yes‐women” who present the same solutions to the same problems. I find this to be an interesting topic because it is understandable that voicing uneducated opinions could potentially scare away big sponsors for the 2024 Olympics, however, new plans could be developed to improve roads and facilities in the city of Boston without creating another disaster like the Big Dig.
Massasoit to Open Environmental School in Marshfield The state division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance is requesting proposals to lease between 8700 and 10,100 square feet of property in Marshfield for Massasoit Community
College’s Marine Technology Program. The “Ocean Campus Center” will be offering credit and non‐credit courses in marine fundamentals, boat‐engine repair, and other Gen‐Ed topics as soon as this fall. Classes will be held 6 days a week