Sociology and Occupy Wall Street Essay

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1. What does a Functionalist consider when studying a phenomenon like the Occupy Wall Street movement? c. How the movement contributes to the stability of society by offering the discontented a safe, controlled outlet for dissension
2. What is the largest difference between the Functionalist and Conflict perspectives and the
Interactionist perspective?
d. The first two perspectives address large-scale issues facing groups, while the last examines more detailed aspects.
3. What role do secondary groups play in society?
a. They are transactional, task-based, and short-term, filling practical needs.
4. When a high school student gets teased by her basketball team for receiving an academic award, she is dealing with competing ______________.
c. reference groups
5. Which of the following is NOT an example of an in-group?
d. A high school
6. What is a group whose values, norms, and beliefs come to serve as a standard for one's own behavior? c. Reference group
7. A parent who is worrying over her teenager’s dangerous and self-destructive behavior and low self-esteem may wish to look at her child’s:
a. reference group
b. in-group
c. out-group
d. All of the above
8. Two people who have just had a baby have turned from a _______ to a _________.
b. dyad; triad
9. Who is more likely to be an expressive leader?
c. The director of a summer camp for chronically ill children
10. Which of the following is NOT an appropriate group for democratic leadership?
a. A fire station
11. In Asch’s study on conformity, what contributed to the ability of subjects to resist conforming?
a. A very small group of witnesses
b. The presence of an