Sociology and Power Elite Essay

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Soc 204: Extra Credit
Chapter 5

I definitely agree with Mills’ depiction of the power elite and how they hold such powerful and special positions. My impression of our country is that the three big influences; the corporate rich, the political directorate and the military leaders, do in a special way have control over all important decisions and indecisions. I feel it is relatively impossible to breach these power elite’s inner circles and control groups because they are inherited and unique in a way that no person’s desires or personality could simply lead them into. Mills does a remarkable job of explaining their similarities in social interaction, lifestyle, origins and decision-making. One simply cannot get to these power elite’s levels out of sheer want, but only if they are placed into it by predetermined forces.

Once the elite are authenticated, it is easy to see the relation between the 3 major groups. Politician’s affect the militaries direct orders and have control over the guidelines that corporation’s must follow. Corporation’s large financial power leads to a power over society, whom is so influenced by the economy and their ability to financially support themselves and their families, which entail affects politics in our democracy as well as influencing financial aspects of the military and the people who make up the different organizations protecting our country. Lastly, the military and its actions affect political changes and decisions as well as how…