Sociology and Rational Choice Theory Essay

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The Killing of the Japanese Journalist in Syria War is something that has been there from the past. Today nations fight in order to gain resources and power, and this is what has been happening for ages. The current war is between Syria in itself and other governments that are interfering. Rebels rose within Syria and have made the country to go to war with its own government. This has led to the death of many nationalists, and this includes journalist who are coming from other nations to go and get news concerning the current condition of Syria and its people. The issue that is current is the lynching of a Journalist from japan. This journalist was captured and demands were made .The Japanese government ignored the demands and this led to the death of the journalist murder. This paper will apply my developing sociological knowledge and skills to the analysis of the killing of the Japanese Journalist Kenji Goto. Sociological theories and concepts will also be covered. Sociological imagination is the capacity in which people differ in relation to their social life and historical circumstances (Dillon, 2010). Sociological imagination is accompanied by sociological theories which led to the ignition of the civil war in Syria. These are conflict theory, functionalism, critical theory, labelling theory and rational choice theory. The Syrian Civil war was started politically and led to uprising that felt the government was not doing enough for the people. This led to a group of Militants called the ISIS who claimed to fight for Islam and the rights of the people of Syria. The government of Syria tried its level best to stamp out the militants, but it was not able to do so. This led to the death of many civilians and displacements. Civilians who were not fighting the civil war had to escape from their home and seek refuge in the neighboring nations. This led to an increase in the number of refugees and distorted families. Many people lost their lives in the war, and those who remained at home are still suffering due to the war. Critical theory is aimed at changing the society people live in (Dillon, 2010). This helps in uncovering the social lives of people and helps people to discover their inner self. The United nation implements the critical theory by trying to bring Syria to peace. There have been interventions from the United Nations and other counties to bring peace in Syria, but all has been in vain. There have been reports of the Islamist militants in Syria receiving support from other criminal organizations like the Taliban from Afghanistan, and this makes it more difficult for the Islamic radicals to be stopped. Labelling theory helps in the understanding of behaviors that are criminal and deviant (Mills & Gitlin, 2000). The ISIS has been labelled as Islamist jihadists. This helps other nations and the United Nations to know the major agenda of this radical and brutal group. Journalists from various nations have been going to Syria to report the on-going and the effects of the civil war. Most of them have been capture and some killed. The last event that has taken place is the killing of the Japanese journalist Kenji Goto. This was after another Japanese Journalist was killed. The militants had also demanded for the release of a suicide bomber who was locked up in Jordan, and this was for the exchange of Kenjo Goto. The Islamist militants had also threatened to kill a pilot from Jordan who they had captured, and this was also for the exchange of the convicted Ms. Rishawi. The lynching of the Journalist was followed by utterances from the militants that Abe who was an important figure in Japan would cause the deaths