Sociology Chapter 1 Essay

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Sociological perspective look for general patterns in people behavior. People are put into various categories such as children, men, women, rich and poor. People sex, age, race, and social class help us pick a partner. Society guide our thoughts and feelings and actions. Everything people do is looked at by the society. Different ethnic groups around the world have different perspective on everything.
Society shape people lives in two different ways
Living on the edge- people are isolated from others individuals. People feel that the society is crushing their dreams and goals.
Period of Crisis- period of rapid change which makes people feel off balance. C. Wright Mills use the example of the " Great Depression 1930". Unemployment , job losses, people going crazy.
Our society shapes our life experience.
HIGH INCOME- people live in the rich region
MIDDLE INCOME- people live rural villages
LOW INCOME- poverty city
Thinking globaly helps us learn more about ourselves.
3 kinds of change important in the development of sociology the rise of a factiry-base economy the explosive growth of cities(caused social problems such as violence) new ideas about democracy& political rights

1. SOCIOLOGY- the systematic study of human society.
2. SOCIOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE- special point of view that sees general patterns of society in the lives of people.
3. GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE - the study of the larger world our society's place in it.
4. High-Income countries- the nations with the highest overall standards of living.
5. MIDDLE-INCOME COUNTRIES- Nations with the average standards of living.
6. LOW-INCOME COUNTRIES- nation with the lowest standards of living. The people are usually poor.
7. THEOLOGICAL STAGE- the chruch in Middle Ages
8. METAPHYSICAL STAGE - people saw society as natural (Enlightenment and the ideas of Hobbes)
9. SCIENTIFIC STAGE - physics, chemistry, sociology
10. POSITIVISM - positive facts
11. THEORY- how and why facts are made.
12. THEORETICAL APPROACH - basic image of society that guides thinking and resherch.
13. STRUCTURAL-FUNCTIONAL APPROACH - framework for building theory to solidary and stability
14. SOCIAL STRUCTURE - stable pattern of social behavior
15. SOCIAL FUNCTION - consequence of a social pattern for the operation of society as a whole.
16. MANIFEST FUNCTION- recoganized the intended consequecces of social pattern.