Essay on Sociology: Critical Thinking and English Class

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Daniel Ovesea
Dr. Dolgin
English 101
September 27, y
English Class
Every year we go through school taking required classes set by the board of education. English is one of those classes that is almost required every single year. People wonder if this class should be needed and most think it should. Not only is this class a requirement but very helpful to everyone who is willing to participate and learn what is being taught. Whether you are taking an English class at a community college or at a university you may wonder why English matters, particularly if you think English is irrelevant to your degree or career field. Out of all the classes that a student will take during college or high school, the most fundamental class will be English. English will help them with all subjects in their curriculum, build better communication skills, and help with your everyday livelihood.
The basic structure to learning is English. The most important reason to take English is that it is relevant to literally all subjects. Wherever there is speaking, writing, or critical thinking, English is essential. It expresses what a student knows and what we don’t know about a subject. There is nothing more embarrassing then using incorrect grammar on expressing your thoughts and feelings and not getting your point across. It makes the student look incompetent. Learning more words along with the meaning will enable the student to feel more comfortable using the words correctly in speaking and writing. A student can gain a lot from an English class by taking it serious. School has many written assignments and