Sociology: Education and Proper Socialization Skills Essay examples

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My educational journey from k-12 was one that entailed formal and informal ways of education. I was enrolled in the public school system from k-5. While in this educational rollercoaster I learned that public schools have more of a formal way of educating their students. By this I mean the way the focus on teaching is more of a direct curriculum based method. Although not necessary a bad method I for one feel that a lot is overlooked in the public school system. I experienced this first hand my first years of schooling seemed to be torturous as I think back public school does not prepare many for proper socialization skills that is semi overlooked. I was bored most days because their curriculum did not challenge nor stimulate my brain. I expressed this to my parents and they felt that maybe the change to private school would be more challenging for me. In public school socializing is more of a robotic state of mind follow the leader and you will be accepted, by this I mean follow the curriculum and your able to succeed. I for one couldn’t I needed the next step. When I commenced my educational journey, I experienced both formal and informal methods of education. I attended Catholic school from grades 6-12 Christianity was not the main focus of the institution but it did have a role in my transgression of socialization into their educational system. The school I attended had a concealed curriculum. They were determined to have us act like they acted, which was a good thing. The teachers and administrators had a set of rules that were not in any handbook the rules ranged from how we dressed, how we prayed and overall respect for authority. While using the sociological perspective lens I can see clearly that the hidden curriculum is obvious to the naked eye and quite easy to comprehend. These