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Making Mother Nature Proud

As we journeyed through the course of this semester together, I hope you have made changes like myself to improve our environment. In my last paper I shared my carbon footprint and talked with you about what my daily practices were and the expectations I had to change some things in my life to help out our dear mother. Not our biological mother. I am talking about our mother of the earth, the phenomenal keeper of our beloved home. She is extremely disappointed with all of us here, not talking care of her gift to us. How could I possibly change the fatality of the earth you ask? Well by just a few simple changes, everyone living on this beautiful planet can change it’s fate. One of the biggest aspects of my life that I know effects the environment is my consumption of bottled water. It’s a great thing to drink tons of water everyday but it never really occurred to me where all the bottles go. On average, ten to twelve bottles of water were consumed and disposed of daily in my household. That is over seventy bottles a week and 3600 a year! To change this extreme wastefulness with not just myself but my entire family, we went to the store and brought home 10 new reusable cups, and canisters. This seems like an easy fix eh? Well definitely not the case for me. Within this semester I have blessed the citizens of the LSU community by loosing 5 of the 10 very cute reusable cups. A few times it was more convenient to bring bottled water instead of a cup. And other days I completely forgot, but overall the bottle disposable decreased dramatically. The second action I proposed was to use less of hot water to conserve not only water usage but also to conserve energy. This change overall did not have the results that the water bottle change received. Although I put in a great effort, it