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Catherine Sturgill
8th December 2014
Extra Credit

A change in society is when various new factors, laws and rules in the community mean that people do things differently to what they did in the past as a result. Changes in society are when buildings are erected, technology is advanced, new rules are set in place, different ideas are developed and events go ahead.
If I could change anything about society it would be to make men and woman equal in all ways.
I would like to see how the world would evolve if women got paid the same as men, if men stayed home with the family more so than women. I would love to see women in sports that men are predominate in…ie, football, soccer, water sports and snow sports. I believe woman already have the ability and smarts and deserve to be on an equal playing field now. They need to be appreciated the same way men are. The right of all girls to have an education and to walk next to all men as their equals. I would like to see the buildings that woman would erect if they did all the planning. Woman are already in politics but I would like to see the tables turned and have more women than men. How about the Supreme Court judges being more women than men, the changes would, in my opinion, be extreme. How about no more women being sold into prostitution. How about if there were no more go-go bars. The lists go on and on. One of the things I would like to have happen is to have men carry a baby for nine months and deliver