Sociology Gasto Nationalism Essay

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Ashleigh Claybrooks
Sociology 101
Mrs. Winder
19 September 2012
In the article Gastronationalism: Food Traditions & Authenticity Policies in the European Union, the author represents Micro- and Macro- levels of analysis. He attempts to draw connections between the different levels. The connections drawn between the different levels are “how the state intervenes in the market. They act like an agent and a broker for the production and distribution of food. However, some countries such as France have National attachments and patriotic sentiments to their food market. People shouldn’t take others criticizing national foods. This idea shouldn’t be a big problem. Personally, I think food is an important part of our culture and the U.S identity because there are so many different ethnic groups in the U.S. so this is just another way we show our diversity. The different foods strengthen our national identity because it’s showing the different ethnic groups in our country and in the world. Also, it encourages a global identity rather than a national identity because it encourages the world to become more diverse. Meanwhile, I feel as if there is nothing wrong with labeling foods by where they originated from. There also shouldn’t be any designation laws on food because they wouldn’t change the way people feel or think about food. Also, they would change the way food taste so it shouldn’t be a problem. These laws wouldn’t change the way I view food, or feel