Essay about Sociology: Gender Roles

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Please focus on the key terms when you study Chapters 4-7 for Test 2. Chapter 4 | - Gender and sex
- Gender -role attitudes
- Gender -role behavior
- Gender identity
- Gender theory
- Children are socialized in gender roles
- Class observations and findings
- Primary agents of socialization forming our gender roles | Chapter 5 | - Intimacy
- Companionate love
- Components of Wheel Theory of Love
- Intimate relationships and benefits
- Stemberg's triangular theory of love
- Attachment theory
- Jealousy | Chapter 6 | - Children learn sexuality and parents
- Sexual script
- Traditional female sexual script
- Contemporary sexual scripts
- Bisexuality | Chapter 7 | - Gender differences in communication
- Problems with nonverbal communication
- Meaning of Trust
- Self-disclosure
- Conflicts in marital relationships and resolution
- Positive strategies for resolving conflict
- Power
- Happily married couples |

Chapter 4 Questions 1. Differentiate between gender-role attitude and gender-role behavior

2. Describe the four subtle processes through which parents socialize their children in gender roles.
Manipulation, Channeling, Verbal Application, Activity Exposure 3. Discuss the gender theory, social learning theory and cognitive development theory.
Male and Female relationships are characterized by power issues and society is constructed in such a way that males dominate females. Social learning theory: Emphasizes learning behaviors from others through rewards and punishments and modeling. This approach has been modified to include cognitive processes, such as the use of language the anticipation of consequences, and observation.
Cognitive development theory: is concerned with the development of a person's