Sociology: Max Weber and Film Essay

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Maria Carolina Romero
Betsy Lucal, PhD
S 348
Fourth World War

The fourth World War is an extraordinary film that underlines the unbelievable social and economic injustices that were present and still present now days all over the world. Conflicts in Mexico, Argentina, Palestine, South Africa, Korea, Afghanistan and Iraq tell the history of normal people, men and women who resist to be erased in this war, their war. It is sad to realize that the prosperity of nations its present and it will continue to be present in fewer hands, poor people continues getting poor and rich people continue getting reach. There is no change present in our society not matter how many times films and documentaries of this type are created however, this film helps to build a view of reality. This film shows us there are some victories but these victories are miniscule compared to the amount of inequality and injustice that is present in our society. “Everywhere today, every aspect of our lives is being violently recognized. Everywhere there is a war. A war without a battlefield or an enemy. A war without end.”(voice in the film) this films gives a view of the struggle of poor and working class individuals present in every continent who have to fight big companies or corporations and oppressive governments to survive and also for human rights. This film shows the injustice present but also the emerging movement of brave people that seek to combat this injustice. This film open up a window to us to show reality, and minorities that are forgotten and segregated by those who have the political, economic and social power. This film shows the political dominance that was and still been implemented by neoliberal system. The neoliberalism system seek to transfer control of the economy from public to private sector with the belief that this kind of actions would improve the government and the wealth of a country. System and organizations like this type try to find a way to keep power and control to gain economic advantages. This can be easily explained in max Weber theory of class, status and party but mostly in parties what Weber define as “ groups organized to obtain power” (108) in the movie we see how trade unions and organizations like IMF mandatory polices drove millions of argentines into poverty, multinational corporations were making big money out of this situation. Argentina is a good example of how brave people fight for their rights. They knew that the system that was leading their country was totally wrong and they wanted a change, the illusion of neoliberalism was gone and they knew it was time for a change in the Argentina’s system. However this history on injustice is not knew before In the 70’s military dictatorship used power to rule the country with “fear and terror” they disappeared so many people, and killed those who wanted to fight for their human rights. All these facts are a good example of organizations that obtain power and advantages of those who are in a lower position. “Governments bureaucracies that seek more power to fulfill and expand their duties” (108) in the film we see that most of the time power consist on segregation of minorities and abuse of those who struggle to gain a life out of injustice.
Everywhere and in every place there is a war to fight, fight with the system that oppresses the powerless. However people have decided to stop this oppression people have decided to make a change in society. In the film we can see regular people fighting against this who were supposed to maintain the order in their cities they knew that its oppression was coming to an end “it break down the illusion that because of neoliberalism there was going to be happiness the idea of democracy was now an unrealistic though” (voice in the film) finally it was realized that the government and institutions were not working for equality to the benefit of the