Sociology Mid Term Essay

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Ashley Monteiro
March 11, 2015

1. A. The key components of sociology are systematic study, the individual, society and the consequences of difference. Systematic study means that sociologists draw their conclusions about society based on experiences or observations rather then belief’s or authority of others. The most common way to collect data is through surveys. Another common way to collect data is through participant observation.
Sociology is associated with groups, but focuses on the individuals who compose it.
Sociologists describe them as agency, because they have the freedom to choose and to act. Society is our social environment. Society consists of persistent patterns of relationships and social networks in which we live amongst. Some of the major components of social structure shape what is expected of us. The consequences of difference means how economic, social, and cultural resources are distributed and at the implications of these patterns in terms of the opportunities and obstacle’s they create for individuals and groups. Those who have access to and control over valued materials, social, and cultural resources have different options available to them than do those without such access and control. Sociology investigates and reveals levels of social inequality in which members of society have differing amounts of wealth, prestige, and power.
B. I believe everyday people use the key components of sociology in our everyday life. Mostly by systematic study because people make daily chooses by what they have already experienced or have seen. For example at amusement parks people use systematic study all the time. When choosing to go on a ride before you make the decision to go on your first observe. You watch how people react when they get off.
If they are in awe and smiling making the ride like inviting. You watch it to see if it’s high enough or fast enough. You listen to people scream in excitement drawing you into the ride. All of these observations you make in this systematic study making or breaking your decision to ride the ride or not.
C. Systematic study is a great way for sociologists to collect data. Surveys help sociologists better understand why individuals do something. It’s first hand and really lets the sociologist gets up close what they are studying. Participant observation is the best way for sociologists to collect data. Their right in the middle of it all and can observe peoples side of their actions. The individuals are most important when a sociologist is studying groups. They make up the group and ultimately decide its actions. Individuals have the freedom to do whatever they want. Society chooses what is socially accepted. Relationships are very common and society relies on social networking to communicate. The consequence of difference is simply that if you have money you will succeed and if you don’t success will be much harder. If you come from a rich family, you’ll be supported in your life

decisions and ultimately everything will be paid for. If you come from a poor family, success is still an option but you will really have to work for it. Everything won’t be paid for, but anything is possible. Also that poorer individuals resort to crime to make ends meet while richer individuals always have wealth.
2. A. Karl Marx was certainly the founding interpreter of sociology. Karl Marx studied each classes haves and have not’s. He believed that the rich were the “haves” and the poor are the “have not’s”. He believed that the only way to end class struggle was for an uprising to take place. For this uprising to be successful, it must be violent and swift. Many of the current rising class will die because the class holding power will not give up that power easily. Karl Marx believed in the theory of surplus value. Which is that is a worker works an eight-hour day at minimum wage he produces enough in one hour to pay his daily wage. The worker must then pay for his tools