Sociology Of Leopard Man Analysis

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In life, we are often pressured to make a decision to be hidden among everyone or stand out in the crowd. Even in simple everyday decisions we decide whether we want to be There are many causes of society’s reactions to nonconformity. The causes of society’s reactions to nonconformity are justifiable because in the world, society holds different perspectives, religious beliefs, and pop culture.
Different perspectives come from many cultural and diverse populations. People who are brought up in conservative homes generally live morally. Someone who did not live in a moral living home would have different opinions versus a conservative person. In The Sociology of Leopard Man, it states, “Society looks down upon freakish and extraordinary individuals alike and views them with suspicion. Ordinary people fear what they don’t understand. They especially fear loners, those mysterious creatures who pursue their own values without seeking others’ permission or permitting others to hamper them” (Feys 1). This quote is saying that conservative people are more likely to be in disgust by others who truly be their individual selves. Open minded people are willing to accept people’s different traits and unique attributes.
In the world, many people believe in many different things that they are
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Media tells us to get the newest and latest phone, watch this movie, or wear certain clothes. If you don’t have what is in, you are deemed as an outsider and a person who won’t fit in. Being different can create tension in our society. In Why so many minds think alike, it states, “results of conformity studies as reflections of people’s reliance on one another for knowledge of the world, experts say” (Landau 2). This quote is saying that when people see popular stuff in media, they will start to like it. If they do not enjoy it, whether it be an internet challenge or a funny video, they can feel like an outsider and want to abandon their individual