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Sociology Paper 3 Politics, Government, and Military is a conflict theory because of the issues that’s being created in today’s society. Each of these categories all is in involved with obtaining one thing which is power. Politics has been an issue since the Golden Ages where democracy would get their kings killed to have more power. Government has been a conflict as well because of the secrecy and conspiracies that has happened throughout time. Military is a problem because many are fighting for freedom and because they are told to but many leave their family for years and possibly could come back dead.
The conflict with politics is the politicians trying to overpower each other or another group. For example, Republican and Democrats both political groups that are in United States but both have conflicting issues between each other to better themselves but the main situation that’s supposed to be fixed is United States as a whole not in groups. Even political groups around the world had overthrown each other. For example, Adolf Hitler’s political group the Nazi Party and SA storm troops overthrew the German political parties and even the Chancellor Paul von Hindenburg for their own power and look how the ended with World War II happening. George Washington after his presidency was over he said that starting political groups and politics would be a bad idea. In today’s society our politicians need to start thinking of the American people instead of power and themselves because if two parties help each other out things could work.
The Government is a problem because they do most things in secrecy and conspiracies. For example, even in the Golden Ages government had a coup d’état such as political groups using violence to assassinate Julius Caesar and many more. Some conspiracies people believe is that the Government had John F. Kennedy assassinated and also wanted Martin Luther King dead as well. Another incident with secrets that actually got out to the American people was Nixon Watergate tape speech, as he was trying to cheat and still missing the rest on the