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Government isn’t free The video that was required to watch was about how our government is trying to prevent monopolies. They is turn have many businesses that are regulated monopolies and so they are supported by the taxpayers when they are not profitable. They use their authority (power recognized by people) to have a monopoly (complete control over a market) over different aspects of people’s lives and it is wrong. America is supposed to be free and capitalist not controlled and socialist. America has always been a very anti-communism country but now the country is headed to communism (an economic ideal where the government distributes wealth equally). The government in the 70’s when this was filmed wasn’t nearly as bad as it is now. The government then made the postal service and said no one can be the government’s competition. Which for a service like that is almost necessary but when the loaf of bread could be made cheaper they also took control of that to keep the prices down. But then have the tax payers pick the slack up when the cost isn’t covered. The government is now trillions of dollars in debt because they’re trying to help big corporations from failing which if they fail people do lose jobs but it also allows other small businesses to come about. During the film they talk about how in a foreign country where the food was only being eaten by the people who grew it and the people in the lower class can’t afford it. Then someone wanted to redistribute it so no one was starving. The ones who had no money didn’t have to pay for it and the ones who grew it had to pay. Not only is the communism but also it is very similar to where the United States is going. The video then talks about how after the people were getting free food less and less people were continuing to produce the food and have what used to be more food to eat so then everyone was demanding free food and the country couldn’t provide it. The taxes then kept going up because the government had no means of income. This in turn influences (persuading the people) people not to work because then they will get exactly the same as someone that works hard. This is where America is heading and it needs to stop. Laissez-faire needs to be the ideology that American follows. The open capitalism is necessary for a strong economy. Yes the lower classes need to be helped but not to