Sociology Paper The Other Wes Moore

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Taylor Faucett
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The Other Wes Moore One Name, Two Fates “The chilling truth is that his story could have been mine. The tragedy is that my story could have been his” (Moore, 2010, front cover). The Other Wes Moore is about two guys with the same name but end up going down totally different paths in life, hence the quote. In this paper it will discuss the novel, The Other Wes Moore, describe their social location, and describe the sociological perspectives used in sociology and analyze excerpts from the book using each of the three sociological perspectives. Social location is the combination of social factors which locate someone in society (Henslin,2013, pg. 4). Social location includes: Sex/Gender,
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Wes and his mom got in a huge fight because when she flushed all the drugs he lost a source of income which made him feel comfortable and on top. This conflict answers all the questions that go along with the sociological perspective. The two parties that are involved are Wes and his mother. The resources are the shoe boxes, drugs, and the toilet. Without any of these then the fight wouldn't have happened. This conflict has a huge impact on the relationship with Wes and his mother. Mary (Wes's mom) can't find it in her heart to trust her son again after he lied to her time after time. Wes gets upset because now he has to think of a new to pay his dealer and he has to think of a plan fast or else something bad can happen to both him and his family. Functionalism is a littler harder to detect because it is something that a lot of us aren't familiar with. Functionalism has to do with how a a situation is functioning. When it comes to Wes's father dying a lot has to change in his family. He has to become the man of the house and help out his mom and help raise his sister. The people involved are Wes and his family, both is close family and then his grandparents. They functions that come into play is what roles are now having to be taken charge. Wes has to in a way grow up quickly to help