Sociology: Police Brutality Essay

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According to, deviance is one that differs from a norm, especially a person who behavior and attitudes differ from accepted social standards. Inequality however simply means the condition of being unequal, lack of equality or disparity. Through out this paper, I will be discussing a topic dealing with race, class and gender inequality. Many things have been happening in our society, and I believe deviance and inequality is the reason for most of these situations. This paper will shed some light into our daily problems and how they can be solve with more clarity. One of the topics dealing with race inequality in our society would have to be police brutality to minorities. Police are known to use excessive force towards minorities, which leads to endless bloodshed, bruises, and bullet wounds and in most cases death. It would seem that the police have some kind of inequality to minorities. In the case of Mike Brown, he was shot down simply because he looked the way he did. This is a great example of race inequality because he was treated different due to the color of his skin. It would seem many police officers released they have the power to not only arrest but also use deadly force in certain situations. Now one can clearly say many officers of the law abused these powers and aren’t afraid of the end results. A perfect example would be the case of Scott Olsen; a 24-year-old male was shot in the head with a tear gas canister due to being a part of a peaceful protest in California. Scott was hospitalized for more than month due to having a fractured skull. After bringing awareness of this police brutality to the state, no officer was punished or even suspended for this action. However, Scott Olsen was just one over five thousand cases of police misconduct. Police brutality has been increasing exponentially though out the years. More than three hundred cases of police brutality to minorities have been linked since the beginning of 2015. It seems being African American is not safe enough around the police anymore. It would seem this police shoot and eliminate African Americans faster than any other ethnic group. It is more than obvious that these race and class are divided widely through out America. Another form of inequality in our current society can be found in the group of gender. In most