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Social Class & Social
By: Brittny Coleman

Social Class: is the social structural position that groups hold relative to the Economic, Social, Political, and Cultural resources of society.
Social Stratification- is a system of structured social inequality.

Karl Marx: Class and Capitalism
Two primary classes exist under capitalism the:
Capitalist Class: those who own the means of production
Working Class: those who sell their labor for for wages
Much of Karl Marx analysis boils down to the consequences of a system based on the pursuit of profit. If goods were exchange at the cost of producing them, no profit would be made. Capitalist owners want to sell commodities for more than their actual value... more than the cost of producing them

Example... the total cost oh:OIjf:OIAef The total cost to make an Air
Jordan 1 sneaker is $16.25!!
It costs $10.75 for materials,
$2.43 for labor, overhead is $2.10, and factory profit is at $0.97.
Today’s retail price for the Air
Jordan 1 is around $125-$140, so that leaves a profit margin around
$108.75 to $123.75!

Functionalist and Conflict Theories of

Conflict Theory
The purpose of inequality Inequality results from a is to motivate people to fill system where those with needed positions in society the most resources exploit and control others

Despite the relatively high average of standard living in the United States, poverty afflicts millions of people. Poor health care,