Essay on Sociology: Problem Solving and Communication Skills

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Dominika Warchol

What do schools need to do to prepare students for the 21st Century?

All schools should prepare the students to be ready to successfully enter the 21st Century word and its difficulties. In order for one to be prepared for the 21st Century his or her school needs to use appropriate technology, develop communication skills and create the complex problem solving environment.
To begin, the schools need to develop technological usage. One way to develop technological usage is by taking classes online. For instance, the students will have to use computer to their homework which increase their computer and technological skills. Another way to develop technology usage is by using digital resources. For example, students will save the time and effort because they will not have to use library anymore. Finally, the full time online high schools develop the technology usage because these schools allow students to earn all of their credits through the online schools. This kind of schools will concentrate their attentions to learning while staying at home. In addition, full time online high school will greatly benefit the technological skills. The schools need to develop technological usage to successfully prepare the students for the 21st Century.
Along with technological skills, students should develop communication skills. One way to develop communication skill in school is by building self-esteem through drama. Playwriting original works and dramatic presentation can help to build the self-esteem and communication skills of high school students. In addition, the act of performing can help students recognize their potential for success and improve their confidence. Another way to develop the communication skills is by participating in discussions and speeches in the class. This will develop their communication skills to become a better speaker in the future. Finally, the knowledge of formal English should help students to communicate clearly. This can be achieved by taking advanced English classes in high schools. The schools need to develop communication skills to successfully prepare the students for 21st Century.