Sociology: Problem Solving and Conflict Essay

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DQ #3• in our team communication text, there is a chapter on managing conflict. Take a quick look at the section on “summary of three conflict types”. Also, in our leadership text, the chapter on conflict is entitled “Handling Conflict”. Be sure to look at the chart showing Fisher and Ury’s “Method of Principled Negotiation” for some excellent ideas on how to handle conflict.
• How do you handle conflict?
• Why is your approach to dealing with team member conflict?
• What method of managing team conflict might work best for you?
We are presented with this quote about conflict fairly quickly in Chapter 10 "Handling Conflict" it sates that "conflict is inevitable in groups and organizations, and it presents both a challenge and a true opportunity for every leader" (Northouse 221). Northhouse challenges the reader not change their perspective on conflict most people would try and eliminate or avoid conflict but Northouse encourages this idea that if we don’t try and avoid conflict and confront it he states that “ When leaders handle conflict effectively, problem solving increases, interpersonal relationships become stronger, and stress surrounding the conflict decrease.’’ Clearly pushing the limits making the individual a better leader. I believe as a leader you must not only be able to confront conflict but have the ability to analyze the situation to discern what type of conflict it is. In our Communications textbook we learn that there are three types of conflicts that may arise in small groups; these are: pseudo-conflict, simple conflict and ego conflict. As a leader being able to differentiate between the three is a proficient standard