Sociology: Psychological Abuse and Teachers Essay

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Nicolle Serrano
Professor Zschau
February 22, 2013

Information Literacy Assignment

The topic I selected was the impact teachers have on children exposed to domestic abuse. I chose this topic because child abuse is present in every in country and teachers are a major influence on their lives, since they spend more time in school than they do with their families. Teachers need to be able to identify when a child has been expose to any type of abuse, such as sexual, verbal or emotional. The peer-reviewed journal I use is called “The impact on teachers of supporting children exposed to domestic abuse”, it discusses domestic abuse, “The definition of domestic abuse used by the Home Office was adopted in this research:...any incident of threatening behaviour, violence or abuse (psychological, physical, sexual, financial or emotional) between adults who are or have been intimate partners or family members regardless of gender or sexuality (Strickland, 2010, p.3)”(Ellis 109). This peer-reviewed journal is a research base on three basic questions. If teachers with training on domestic abuse are better at recognizing if a child has been abuse and if so how to respond to it, rather than teachers who are not trained, the second major point is the observations and experiences they go through, and the third one is how the themes from the interviews from the primary school teachers provide information regarding the relationship between the procedures, training and confidence level. The second article I use is called “The Role of Educators in Preventing and Responding to Child Abuse and Neglect”. The purpose of this article is to examine how the roles of teachers, school nurses, school social workers, counselors, and among other faculty members or workers who have an impact on the children life. “There are many reasons why educators are so vital in identifying, treating, and preventing child maltreatment. First, they have close and consistent contact with children. Second, educators have a professional and legally mandated responsibility for reporting suspected maltreatment”. This article is more broad than the other given that it takes into account every worker in school who might affect the children’s life, while the first article discusses only how primary teachers affect the children. The peer-reviewed journal is a research based on domestic abuse in children and how primary teachers are able to…