Sociology: Public Transport and Traditional Spanish Cuisine Essay

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Have you ever felt out of place in a new environment and everyone seemed to stare at you because you were different. Have you ever act different when you were in a place unfamiliar to you, just to fit in? I went to MomaSushi restaurant in Washington Heights. This restaurant is way out of my comfort level. The service, décor, behaviors, interactions, and people were way different than I expected. The restaurant serves some traditional Spanish cuisine but serves mostly sushi with a Dominican twist. Before I went I didn’t do research, I seemly drew my own conclusions. Growing up I always struggled with my skin color compared to my mom and her side of the family. My mother is Puerto Rican, Irish, and black. Growing up wasn’t easy for me neither I went to a catholic school since Kindergarten. The children used to tease me because I looked nothing like my mom, still to this day people ask me is that my mom. Before it used to bother me and now it doesn’t bother me anymore. So I decided to do this paper to see if I get treated differently from then until now.
Before leaving

Before I left to the restaurant I prepared to get ready, I thought about all the stereotypes and whether I should conform to the stereotypes so such as they always wear leggingss Hyper sexual, have large families, cheaters, not born in the US, unable to speak English, uneducated, loud, argumentative, dramatic, always park their cars on their lawns, only eat rice and beans, all speak Spanish, lazy, all get along with blacks because they hate whites, do not want to assimilate into American society, are all Catholic, are all in gangs or cartels, contribute to a higher crime rate, are all one homogeneous culture, exploit welfare, steal jobs, don't contribute to the economy, are trying to take over America, and all abuse drugs. As I paced through my house wondering what to do I decided to go with what I was comfortable with and that was being myself. I put son some jeans, a sweater, knee boots. I fixed my hair in a pulled back pony tail, as im looking in the mirrior im worried about being judged and me being reverted back when I was younger and being called names about my skin complextion and why my hair wasn’t straight it was curly. I pushed through all the fear and continued to put on my eyelashes and make up. As im finishing up I call my co workers and let them kow that im on my way down their now and ill call when im getting on the A train. I walked out of my door and began to walk to the BX19 bus stop on 145 street Lenox avenue. I waited there for about five minutes for the bus to arrive. My hand was literally shaking as I put my metrocard in when I got on the bus. I proccedded to the A train going Uptown I was so afraid standing in that train station. As I walked down the steps my knees started to shake, suddenly I smelled a huge wif of onions and I remember thinking to myself oh no I didn’t put on deorderent and im sweating like crazy. I walked a littler further down the platform and kept smelling the onions smell so I raised my arm to smell and I did out on deorderent, I sighed in relief and looked around to a man eating a gyro. I laughed silently to myself, which also made me calm down a little bit. As im waiting on the train I look around and don’t really see to much people who look like me. As I’m looking I feel like veryone staring at me like what is she looking at. As I turned back to the platform the loud speaker announced there is an uptown train approaching I got so excited but at the same time I was really nervous. I stepped on the train and grabbed the first seat that I saw, then I forgot where I was going luckly I saved the text from earlier that day about where the place was. Im looking out the windw making sure I