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Cassandra M Nagy- Palmieri
I See Research
December 13, 2014

This article is a report of new research which is established by doing a survey on both members of 430 couples in different regions of Turkey and vary between different ages as well. Level of education is associated with exposure to individualistic western values; therefore, it may influence measures associated with marriage. We know the type of the article by reading about the procedure that had done and the way they had done it, and also they included results and discussions that came after the survey was completed. The article is studying the married couple relationship in Turkey in both type of marriage, the traditional way and the couples who got married after a love story. The Turkish families are described by a high level of correlation and communication between marital pairs and families of origin. Usually, husbands are expected to be older and the one how dominate the household. Male power and masculinity stereotypy are dependable with both Islamic views and with the tradition of Turkic cultures. .Educational level was positively related to men’s involvement to housework, women’s satisfaction with division of labor and frequency of women’s visits with friends, men’s and women’s level of feelings for spouse and it was negatively related to frequency of visits with relatives and enmeshment with families of origin. However, educational level was not significantly correlated to number of conflicts between couples
The results of the study revealed that family and couple-initiated marriages differed with respect to feelings for partner, married functioning, and feelings for families of origin. In general, couple-initiated marriages appeared to be associated with more positive spousal emotions, fewer conflicts, more equalitarian division of labor, and emotional distance from the families of origin. The results revealed also that the male in most cases was the one who make decision in the house especially when it comes to family and kids issues. This results was obtained by subtracting wife effectiveness from husband effectiveness when it comes to decisions making. But at the same time the found that there is no significant effects connecting marriage style with respect to interaction frequency with diverse network areas. The tables in the article show numerically the results which explain the conclusion of the study.
This article fits in the field of sociology because it is describing the culture and gender roles in Turkic families’ lives. It also shows the powerful effect of culture on the behavior of men and women regardless if the marriage was traditional or romantic. Also, it shows that