Teenagers And Parents Have Different Views About Marriage

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Sociology Research Project


Teenagers and their parents have different thoughts about marriages.

Name: Rhea Pereira

Year: 1OBG


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Hypothesis Page 2

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Primary Research Page 4

Secondary Research Page 5

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I have chosen this topic because I wanted to find the views of both teenagers and parents about marriages .teenagers think they know much about marriage and they are mature enough and they don’t want to listen to their parents. many teenager think their parents are backward and the most common quote used by them is ”you don’t know anything it’s a new generation”

These issues are important in Britain today because there is a rise in divorce rates and 1 in 3 marriages fails peoples view on marriage may be very different because of their age.


The hypothesis is teenagers and their parents have different views about marriage.


The aims of the investigation are: to find out whether teenagers and parents have same views about marriage.

1. I aim to find out opinions of teenagers and parents about marriages

2. I aim to investigate whether teenagers and parents have same views about marriage.

3. I will use primary research to find out the opinion of both, parents as well as teenagers about their views on marriages by sending out the questionnaire.

4. I will define marriage issue by using secondary sources.

5. I will prove/disprove my hypothesis.


Primary Research

I will interview people/carry out questionnaires from a representative sample to find out their views about….

I feel …questionnaire... will be useful for my research because

The advantages of this method are that,it is cheaper, and it takes less time.

The disadvantages of this method are that, may not get honest answers, may not get the questionnaire back.

I decided not to use interviews because I felt it would not help my research.

This was because the answers they give may not be their true opinion.

I feel that some possible ethical issues are that people may hesitate to share their true opinion.

I aim to overcome this by not including personal questions in my questionnaire.

Secondary Research

To work out key issues and define relevant words I will use Sociology textbooks such as….

This will tell me about the lifestyle of modern world (teenagers & parents)

I will use newspaper articles to try to find out public’s opinions on marriages, and the divorce cases arising with marriages in modern world.

I decided to use the Internet to find out the results about marriages between teenagers and parents.

I choose this method because it is to access, and you can find any issues or topic that i am looking for.

The Pilot study

The Questionnaire
Question 1 –Are you (male/ female)

Question 2 – what is your age?

Question 3 –Are you married? (yes /no)

Question 4- do you intend to get married?(yes/no)

Question 5 – At what age would you intend to marry?
A) Teenage B)twentys C)Thirtys D) Fortys and+

Question 6 –– would your parent agree with your decision of getting married to a person that you don’t know properly ?(yes/no)

Question 7 – why don’t you want to get married?
A)complete higher studies B)many divorce cases C) not interested

Question 8 - why do you think there are more divorce cases in teenage marriage?

Question 9 – Do you think there are more divorce cases in …………
A) a teenage marriage B) elders marriage

Question 10 - would you support teenage marriage? (1,2,3,4,5) 1.Agree 3.dont know 5.dont agree

Question 11 –do you think teenagers share their ideas with their parents?