Sociology: Scientific Method and Ruben Sanchez Sociology Essay

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Ruben Sanchez
Sociology 101
M-W 10:40 am- 12:05 pm
Professor Larry M. Curiel

1. The first factor is being influenced by a group of people that share the same religion or race, which makes it easier for a group to show discipline because they can agree on subjects together. Another factor can be natural sciences, which make it easier to predict events in our environments, that way you know what’s expected, and that avoids any type of chaos. A third factor is social sciences that examine human relationships, because it makes a strong bond the people and society as well. Lastly, a factor that is beneficial is applying the scientific method, since the method had been so successful in the past; it was obvious that it would be beneficial to keep society disciplined.

2. What the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis basically the language that creates ways of thinking and perceiving. Two examples in which the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis impacts our perceptions of the world would be that we would tend to judge other people by their appearance rather than seeing who they truly are. Language would be an excellent example of this because when you say a word in English it may have the same meaning if you were to say in Spanish but one can still have a stronger meaning than the other. Another example can be the way we tend to classify other people into categories so we can get a visual at were the stand in their group.

3. George Herbert Mead’s theory was just basically to know how to “take the role of the other”. By this Mead wanted to prove that it is fundamental to know how you feel if you were in someone else’s shoes, or what the other person feels and what do they think, that way it makes it easier to anticipate how the other person will end up reacting. You can’t expect to make