Sociological Perspective-Stresses The Social Contexts On People's Life

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Chapter 1 Review
1. Sociological perspective- stresses the social contexts in which people live. It examines how these contexts influence people’s lives.
2. Auguste Comte- positivism- scientific method held the key to answering such questions. Scientific method had revealed the law of gravity- study of society.
3. Herbert Spencer- social reform- second founder of sociology- survival of the fittest- (Darwin)- social reform- societies are evolving going from lower to higher. As generations pass a society’s most capable and intelligent members survive, while the less capable die out.
4. Karl Marx- Bourgeoisie- natural enemies, capalists, those who own the capital, land, factories, and machines. Proletariat- exploited workers, workers unite and break the chain of bondage.
5. Class conflict- conflict between rich and poor.
a. Social integration- the degree to which people are tied to their social groups as a key social factor in suicide. Those who have weaker social ties are more likely to commit suicide.
b. Capitalism- more likely to flourish in protestant countries.
c. Sexism- against one sex

6. Social factor and suicide- social forces affects people’s behavior. Different groups have different suicide rates. Males are more likely than females to commit suicide. Protestants are more likely than Catholics and Jews. These people takes their lives for personal reasons.
7. Sexism in 1800 – ridged sex roles- women assigned to be mothers and wives. Church, cooking, children, clothes. Women seldom had higher education- a few were able to study higher education.
8. Max Weber- central force in social change- related more to religion. Traditional way of life, bring a “sign” for spiritual comfort. Saving money, living frugally, investing to live into the future. Birth of capitalism- transformed society.
9. W.E.B. Du Bois- strived for equality for whites and blacks. Founded NAACP…embraced Marxism.
10. Basic sociology- sociologists analyzing some aspect of society and publishing findings.
a. Applied