Sociology: Teacher and Healthier Nation Essay examples

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A) The hidden curriculum is something that is taught within the education system but indirectly. This can include things like how to respect authority and the obeying of rules - through listening to teachers and following regulations etc.

B) One reason why education is important for society is because if individuals have good education, this means that they can get a better job and not require benefits or additional payments from the government, this would be better for society as more money would be spent on improving the community such as better roads, better services. Another reason would be for retired individuals would have a better pension, this would mean that when individuals retire, they would have money coming in, and enough money to live luxury like they always have done, without pension individuals who can’t work would have no money coming in, this means that bills and food bills would be restricted, this would be unhealthy and dangerous for the elderly people as in the winter, they might not be able to afford heating, this would result in to illnesses or even death. A last reason would be a healthier nation, this would be led by the amount of money that an individual gets, with more income, better choices would be made, for example individuals with more, money coming in would have better food as they would be able to afford expensive food which is considered as healthier, also they would be able to afford to keep their personal hygiene high and living conditions would be at a good slandered. To get a higher income, individuals would need an education; this would mean that they could progress to a good job with good income to be part of a healthier nation.

C) Education is affected outside of school, these factors include parents income; parents who have less income wouldn’t be able to afford books and resources for their child to study outside of school, if the child is coming up to exams then they would need to study and revise as much as they could outside of school also to pass the exams, if the child’s parents are on low income and can’t afford to provide books and resources for the child then the child might fail their exams, this then might affect the job that they can get when they are older, and this would affect their income. Another factor that would affect a child’s…