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William Wright
Ms. Barton
English 101
April 18, 2014
Hot, Spicy, and Green I walked through the doors to see a beautiful green mid-sized fountain with fishes and flowers right in the center entryway to greet us. The fountain was intended to be serene and peaceful just like tea to the Asian culture. The water from the fountain made a low sound similar to that of a waterfall so people were able to enjoy conversations without being over powered by the water fountain. Yet, inside of the fluorescent green booths sat quiet consumers waiting patiently for their little white Styrofoam boxes filled with Asian food. Once each person’s order was ready he rung a silver bell twice and spoke extremely quickly while looking at the ordering customer. The words he spoke were hard to understand so that straight look at the ordering customer was the only way any one knew if it was their order or not. I was now the ordering customer receiving the agitated stare as if I had insulted him by ordering the meal I chose. With a smile I approached the man but in return all I saw was a wrinkled face from constantly wearing a frown on a 5’2” Chinese man dripping sweat while wearing a green uniform with a name tag that said manager. He handed me my white boxes of Styrofoam in a plastic bag with a smiley face on it that said ‘Thank You’ on it and said “here, here” then began another task. Feeling insulted myself that the plastic bag had shown me more manners than he had I shook my head. Checked my bag to make sure my meal was satisfactory and realized that I needed soy sauce for my sushi, napkins, and forks. I attempted to get his attention to ask for the missing items but he had me wait five minutes while he mistreated another customer then when he did tend to me said “what, what you need now?” He was extremely spicy in my eyes and I didn’t appreciate it so I got