Sociology and Air Force Essay

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February 9, 2014

The older and more grounded I become in the middle age phase of my life, the more aware I am of the person I have become and how the choices made both myself and my family have formed what is known as “My Life”. My family traditions, upbringing and values have influenced my biological, cultural views and values allowing me to formulate a life, principles, and a family similar in some aspects to my family, who raised me, while other aspects are astoundingly different. With my life and career goals very different from that of my parents’ lives and their expectations these influences by class, culture, and ethical teachings are
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I have still remained a blue-collar worker and I believe I have achieved success from dedication, blood, sweat, and tears, not to mention countless hours of hard work but never at the cost of my family, as in the case of my childhood upbringing. ( TCO 1,4,6)
I currently have a wife of over twenty years who chose the gender role of her own mother and of my mother in working from the home, raising our children. This was the right choice for our family because we wanted more for our children and felt that someone else raising our children wasn’t the best option for them. . Even with all the feministic controversy in the twenty-first century my wife chose the more liberal approach. While raising our three boys and me coaching or attending all sporting activities I escaped the views and actions my father instilled in me. I was able to play the hunter/gather role in providing for my family, while playing a very important and vital role in shaping and cultivating our children to be able to handle what challenges and opportunities the world has to offer them. (TCO 7,8)
Finally, after twenty some years of business and reenlisting in the Air Force, I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to further my education, something that wasn’t an important priority in previous years. Since embarking on this new adventure and opportunity to further my