Sociology: C. Wright Mills and Hall Speech Imagination Essay

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The Sociological Imagination written by Wright Mills (1959)
Influenced the "new left" the student movement
"free speech" movement lead to protests --Mario Savio Sproul Hall Speech imagination: capacity as an individual to see how you connect with something bigger. Recognize that you are a part of something bigger.
Universities were like machines that put out products to work- Savio
Recognize that students are a part of a larger association.

The sociological imagination troubles vs. issues
Trouble is a private matter…Savio connects that students troubles are a part of a large occurrence within the universities. Part of a wider trend.
This then transforms into an issue.

Think about it as individual vs. society. Unit of analysis. i.e. unemployment

Biography vs. History

"daily living to reexamine your own way of life, you have truly adopted the sociological imagination, which allows you to start questioning the links between your personal experience and the particulars of a given society without ever leaving home.

Denaturalization: Pulp Fiction example. Social products that produce. Europe vs. America with McDonalds
Denaturalize your immediate surroundings and experience. Questioning it and connecting it to a larger experience

Question the things we take for granted.

Louis CK clip.

Freedom: all humans cherish freedom. particular to society
2008 economic crisis. David Harvey system contains seeds to its own crisis. different ways where