Socrates: Poverty in the United States and Oklahoma Essay

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When it comes to ensuring excellence in education, Oklahoma must continue to seek ways to raise better education like to reform strategies such as empowering parents, equipping students and better teachers with knowledge, we can boost achievement, increase efficiencies and a better education in Oklahoma. Improving the quality of education in Oklahoma for students is one of the greatest responsibilities to do. The Board of Education must work together to increase opportunities and provide a solid foundation of learning for all students because the future of America depends on it.
Another personal opinion about poverty in Oklahoma is that some people do have themselves to blame because many would rather live off government benefits, paid by tax payers, than go out and earn an honest living. And then there are those who have maybe had child in a young age and have had to drop out of school leaving them with no qualifications and simply have no other way of living other than to use government benefits. Another issue is the hunger, Based on hunger in Oklahoma according to the USDA, Oklahoma ranks fourth in the nation in the number of people who are very low food insecure or hungry at 5.9 percent. The government needs to work to strengthen food programs and help charitable emergency food networks. The Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma and the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma doesn’t provide enough food. Oklahoma's national ranking jumped to 17th from 23rd in an annual analysis of states' education policies and performance, but the state earned low marks for student performance and per-pupil spending.
Educational Progress and Advanced Placement exams and compares its graduation rates.
The state also got the lowest mark, an F, in the category of spending. In 2008, Oklahoma had just 3.3 percent of its students fall in that category, compared to the U.S. average of 40.6 percent.
That index tracks everything from family poverty rates and parents' post-secondary education, to pre-kindergarten enrollment and reading and math proficiency, to adult educational attainment, annual income and steady employment.
Oklahoma poverty rate is 14.0%, has