Essay on Socratic Circle Reflection

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Section 1:
A: In the Socratic circle, we had used historical literary criticisms to show the differences between the character Governor Danforth was portrayed as in The Crucible and in history. Governor Danforth was portrayed as a ruthless judge through most of the play, carrying out executions without hesitation, while as in real life; Governor Danforth had hidden many of the accused to keep them from being hanged. We Also used moral criticism to discuss our opinion on John Proctor’s judgment in the end to not give the church his name to save his pride and dignity in return for being hung. Many believed his choices were foolish while others had believed they were dignified.
Section 2:
A: I would rate my preparation for this Socratic circle around a 7/10 for using most of my MLA questions but not contributing many other questions besides that. I would also rate my contributions at a 7/10 for asking several questions and contributing my opinion to a couple other questions, but not quite taking enough initiative to state more of my opinion. The teamwork in the Inner circle seemed to work much better than the last Socratic circle and almost everyone had contributed detailed responses. I would rate their teamwork at an 8/10 for good detailed reactions to questions and opinions.
B: I would rate my group’s preparation as a whole at an 8/10 for having a “Pre-Socratic-Circle-circle” and asking different questions about what might be good questions to ask during the actual circle. I would rate or overall conversation in the inner circle at a 6/10 for some good questions, but getting sidetracked very often. I would have to rate our inner-circle’s team work at a 9/10 for being very open towards each other and trying to get everyone involved in the conversation.
Section 3:
A: In The Crucible, Arthur Miller uses Moral criticism to reveal changes in John Proctor throughout the play.
B: In,