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The Fate of our Future: Significant Contributions of Socrates The unparalleled contributions of Socrates, the ancient Greek philosopher, have had the most profound and significant influence in the field of metaphysics. Socrates introduced the concept of a society that both respected and encouraged the independent investigation of truth. Socrates believed this notion to be the foundation for the healthy growth and development of an ever-advancing civilization. Independent thinking represented the antithesis to the oppressive authoritarian reality, dominated by conflict and strife, that had been historically pervasive for generations. Socrates both asked, and encouraged others to ask challenging questions. Individuals in positions of authority felt threatened by this approach and consequently accused Socrates of corrupting the young. (“Socrates”, 10) Despite the attempts of his oppressors, this approach to broadening ones understanding of knowledge became known as the Socratic Method. A multitude of educational institutions have since based their pedagogy on the contributions of Socrates. In 1870 when Christopher Columbus Langdell became the first dean of Harvard Law School, the Socratic Method was introduced and has been used for the past hundred and forty three years in many U.S universities. (Ford) Socrates believed that a world that encouraged the independent investigation of truth was a world that had infinite potential for growth and development. A world void of these notions and a life without the freedom to think for oneself was in fact, according to Socrates, no life at all. Socrates asserted that he would rather die than live without the freedom of independent investigation. His oppressors granted him this wish due to a fear of losing control over others and…