Socratic Seminar Reflection: Eats, And Leaves By Lynne Truss

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Socratic Seminar Reflection
My Socratic Seminar was horrible because my personal performance, group performance, technique analysis, and Overall analysis.

In the Socratic Seminar about Lynne Truss's’ book “Eats, shoots & Leaves” I believe the level of preparation I had was a eight out of ten. I was able to answer the questions being asked and provide evidence to an extent. When Contributing to the circle I was able to bring up valid points and add onto what other classmates said like tell Carra why I agree with her statement on how Truss’ jokes are offensive. However, I did not cite the book when commenting on her statement. When in the circle I lacked teamwork because, I did not invite others into the conversation, nor did my classmates invite
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However, we analyzed her tone during her british enigmatic jokes. When Lynne Truss made her joke about the twin tower attacks we did not find it funny. Her joke about how the diction of the newspaper that published the twin tower attacks. However, we could have analyzed her word choice when she was angered or expressed the beauty of punctuation. An example of when she was angered is “The rule is: don’t use commas like a stupid person” (Truss 96).She said this because it irritates her when people use commas incorrectly. Another example of her expression of the beauty of punctuation is when she states, “Look at the sentence fly. Amazing. The way it stays up like that” (Truss 106). This was when someone would use punctuation correctly in a “beautiful” manner. My peers comments and thoughts on the book did somewhat alter my views on the book. My group members explained how she ranted on when using an example for her story yet, there was no need to add on the unnecessary information into the book. Truss’ story had several confusing points to it that my group brought to clarity. An example is how her humor is dark and blunt, however, her intention wasn't to be rude but to rather emphasize her point on how important punctuation is. When first reading about british enigmatic jokes i was thoroughly confused as to what they were and what examples of them were in the text. My …show more content…
By myself in the socratic seminar I believe that I was mal prepared and could've used more practice. As a group I believed we performed well with the information we were given. Our overall analysis of Lynne Truss story was weak and poorly built. In conclusion I could've done better and prepared more for my socratic seminar and help my