Socratic Seminar Summary And Analysis

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Students have been continuously challenged by thought provoking prompts and activities, to encourage and reinforce higher order thinking.Students have participated in Socratic Seminar since the first week of instruction. They have actively engaged with a number of texts and themes. Socratic Seminar allows students to answer questions that require a higher level of thinking. Participation guides and graphic organizers have been used on a consistent basis to provide scaffolding and structure for students. Socratic Seminar was incorporated into the class routine from the onset of the school year to ensure all students became familiar with standards of conduct. Once students demonstrated understanding of the format, more challenging questions were posed and time limits were extended. Socratic Seminar has …show more content…
Classroom management is a challenging aspect of teaching that is constantly evolving. Simmons procedures provide clear expectations and consequences. Students have created a classroom environment that demonstrates their understanding of school and class rules and most importantly, values effort and respect.
Step logs and class procedures are highly visible within the classroom. These procedures paired with students understanding of respectful interaction have created a classroom environment that is safe and efficient. Students have proved that they require little redirection. While steps have been given, students are always provided an opportunity to improve their behavior. This fair and consistent approach has proven remarkably successful.
The absence of misbehavior and distraction has allowed for additional instruction time. Students have demonstrated understanding of classroom rules and they are consistently reinforced for their positive behavior. Socratic seminar not only encourages respectful behavior it also allows for honest and mature