What Is Formal And Informal Towards A Job

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Haley Camp
November 7, 2014
Soc 101
Chapter 6
Formal/Informal towards a Job
I work for Tijuana Flats in Gastonia, North Carolina. Tijuana Flats is like a Tex-Mex based restaurant, and I am currently a waitress there. Tijuana like most restaurants, and companies have certain guidelines and procedures to follow with formal and informal norms of employee’s behavior.
My Employer did provide me with a policy manual; which would set the formal guidelines. In the manual certain standards were covered such as how to dress, the rules and procedures, what was expected of the employer on the job, and attendance policies. This was to obtain the certain goal and task of the job; which also kept organization, and order of the restaurant.
I did have a written contract that stated my rules and explicit procedures on how to do my particular job, and how to obey by the rules of the contract. Signing this meant I knew what I was signing, and I knew what the guidelines and procedures were. If I didn’t follow what the contract stated, then I was breaking the formal guidelines and procedures that I signed and agreed to.
Another thing was guidelines for safety that were enforced each and every day. Safety had to be the first thing that took place along with satisfying the customers. Safety was really important to my managers because those safety rules are put there for a reason, and they expected them to be followed. Many of the safety rules included things such as wet floor signs being placed, wearing non-slip shoes, always being aware of things. There are many more, but where I worked these were the biggest issues that my manager addressed often.
The guidelines for customers service was to always know that the customer is always right, and that the customer always comes first before other things that need to be done at work. My managers during training gave us procedures on how to deal with customers being unhappy with services. I always knew that it was important to make the customer happy and satisfied because that was part of my rules and procedures toward customer service that I had to follow.
There were also guidelines towards accidents with different types of procedures on how to take care of those actions when needed. This could be from a customer falling, or a co-worker getting hurt on the job. This was also part of the contract we signed. Stating we read and knew the procedures or taking