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This is the story of a beautiful Mexican woman her name; Sofia Perez. She brought me into the world but more importantly she teaches me how to attain peace in the world. Her story begins in a small village of Mexico known as El Sausillo, but continues to date in Nampa Idaho, this is the story of an immigrant with a dream, a dream which continues to this date.
Sofia was educated for a total of 2 years, the name of her school is “20 de Noviembre” which means 20th day of November. There she learned to read, write, count, one important thing she learned in school was ethics. Every day it was a 4 mile walk to and from school, during lunch break she had to walk home to eat, which meant she must walk back for the afternoon lecture. During school it was strictly prohibited to disobey the teacher, breaking the rules meant being ridiculed by wearing donkey ears in the front of the class. If the student disobedience continued, he or she would be hit with a ruler. Sofia now disagrees with this form of punishment, but as a child it seemed normal to her. To be clear she never agreed with hitting, she never did, she always thought it was wrong.
Zacatecas is one of the 31 states in the United Mexican States, Geographically located in the south-west region of Mexico. “Zacatecas is best known for its rich deposits of silver and other minerals, it’s colonial architecture and it’s importance during the Mexican revolution. It’s main economic activities are mining, agriculture and tourism.” If you visit Zacatecas it is most likely that you will not find El Sausillo, the reason is because it is now uninhabited. The climate is hot by day, and cold through the night. The area is full of cactus which grow “tuna” also known as prickly pears or Opuntia in English. Sofia’s favorite fruit is the prickly pears which fall off the cactus juicy and fresh, the taste cannot compare to when you eat them fresh from the cactus, simply the best. In my experience; El Sausillo is a mystical and spiritual place, it is connected to the world in ways which modern day life cannot feel nor understand. With no books, phones, stores or electricity; Sofia at the age of 25 left in search of new dreams, new dreams away from El Sausillo. For the next 4 years Sofia lived in Yahualica, Jalisco which is located just a few hours west of El Sausillo. Yahualica is in the state of Jalisco which is neighbor to the state of Zacatecas. Yahualica is a vibrant place, one of my favorite places in Mexico. Adjusting to this new life was easy, having electricity and a steady and constant supply of food, it was and upgrade in lifestyle. Like most Mexican woman Sofia lived with her parents until the day she married. My father remembers traveling from Guadalajara (the capital of Jalisco) to Yahualica, a 3 hour drive, so he could visit my mother. Yahualica has a famous square garden, this is where people go to socialize. Sofia is an expert at examining moods, and therefore naturally she is good at socializing. Sofia believes the most important things in life are “My family, my health and the overall being or feeling of having a united and happy family with a safe home and good friends.” These are the ideas to which she actualizes into her daily life.
When my father finally proposed Sofia was at the age of 29 with no kids and still living at home. My parents officially wed in 1986, and I was conceived on the 14th day of April 1987, my sister, born on the 12th day of January 1989. We still have this home in Guadalajara, Mexico. Guadalajara is known as the culture center of Mexico. “A stroll through Guadalajara will give you an appreciation for the green spaces and public art in the city’s many parks and plazas. At the heart of Guadalajara is the cathedral. With its twin pointed towers and central dome, it is the most recognizable landmark on the Guadalajara skyline. The Cathedral is surrounded on all four sides by plazas. Plaza Guadalajara faces the church.” Guadalajara was the second