Soft Skills In Occupational Therapy

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Soft skills can be described as how a person interacts with others during their job performance. They can also be referred to as “people skills” because they involve one to think practically when conveying his or her thoughts to express ideas and inspire change. I think as a future occupational therapist; communication is an important soft skill that I need to improve on in order to perform to an expected level. Verbal communication is necessary in this field because it relates to both how you deliver information and how you receive it. These skills are important because they are involved in many parts of occupational therapy (OT) such as presentations, group meetings, one on one discussions, interviews etc. Soft skills are the basis of our learning experience and through practice can become one of our most pronounced qualities. A soft skill that I would like to develop further is verbal communication. I believe having the ability to contribute to a conversation, ask questions, and listen actively are aspects that are essential in any type of work environment. The steps I would take to practice utilizing this skill will help me to break out of my comfort zone and become more extroverted. To start off, I would like to improve my communication skills by being open-minded …show more content…
This course is challenging because I do not have experience facilitating an intervention that uses recreation and leisure to enhance a client’s independence, functional abilities, quality of life, and overall health. This course will help me with public speaking, initiating conversations, and to remain persistent through my interactions with the students. I believe that this course will help me to become more comfortable working with these students and guiding thoughtful