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Concert Critique 2
Some influences from the concert that I saw was a lot of different guitar riffs or melody’s. Especially in their song white light. At the end of the song there is an absolute beautiful guitar solo that I think just blows away the fans. I think this band has some sense of Doo-wop, the two guitarists of the band sang and repeated with the main vocalist. One of the guitarist does do some of the screaming in the bad and the main vocalist does clean vocals and also screaming. This gives the band a little bit of an echo effect. There are a lot of breakdowns in their songs and what I believe to be music stops. In some songs a breakdown would about to happen and all the music would stop and two seconds later the breakdown in the song would happen and the whole crowd would be off their feet, jumping to the beat of the song. They do have a lot of samples in their songs. For example the song Engine 45 has a train sample in the song and the song White Light has what sounds like an ocean at the beginning.
The band I saw was The Ghost Inside, they are an American melodic hardcore band from Los Angeles. They have been playing together since 2004, and were previously known as “A Dying Dream.” They are signed to Epitaph records and were previously signed to Mediaskare Records.
The Six basic elements of music:
Rhythm and Form: The Ghost Insides rhythm can vary based on what song you listen to. For the most part their songs have a very fast tempo. Their song White Light has a fast tempo but then does break down into a slow kind of slower tempo towards the end. Most of their songs have a fast kind of upbeat tempo leading up to their breakdowns. Like most metelcore bands, The Ghost Inside does consist of a lot of breakdowns. Breakdowns usually consist of the guitar hitting the lowest notes possible to create a bass drop and the drums usually consisting of a steady and simple beat. What I noticed with The Ghost Inside is that their drummer looked like he was using samples to create that bass drop.
Melody and Harmony: The Ghost inside consist of a metal core verse and blends into a more clean vocal style. Their song usually consist of low, screaming notes and sometimes they will go a more clean style. To me they don’t really go into poppy high notes, they usually stay in the lower range and have their clean vocals during their chorus.
Timbre and Texture: The Ghost inside layers their guitars with a lead guitar, bass, and rhythm guitar. The lead guitarist and bass player