Callista Student Management Solution

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The Callista Student
Management Solution

Callista’s Student Management System (SMS) is a comprehensive software system for Higher Education and VET institutions to manage the entire student lifecycle — from initial enquiries to graduation. better student management

Callista SMS
Introducing Callista SMS

Making Enquiries

Today’s higher education students and staff demand a high level of accessibility and functionality from student management systems. Our objective is to minimise manual processes and provide a comprehensive service that is accessible anytime, from anywhere. Designed to fulfil the needs of students and staff at tertiary institutions, the Callista SMS is continually enhanced to improve business processes and meet the challenges of new regulatory requirements.

Callista Enquiries registers and tracks all enquiries from prospective students, whether they are received by email, phone or post. It records a range of information about the enquirer and the nature of their enquiry. Administrators can use a centralised repository of pre-defined responses to reply appropriately via email or mail — either individually or in batch.
An institutiondefined workflow process can be initiated for enquiries that require further investigation.

The Callista SMS is highly configurable so that the different needs of individual institutions can be met. It provides a Rules
Management facility that applies an extensive set of usermaintainable rules to encompass a broad range of functions. Easily accessible via web-based portals designed for both student and staff use, the Callista SMS delivers a constantly evolving range of information and resources — accessible to anyone with a web browser and the necessary access privileges.

Callista Enquiries has wider application as a tool for managing all types of requests for services during the student lifecycle.









Managing the
Student Lifecycle

Being Admitted
Direct applications, Tertiary Admissions Centre (TAC) processing and online course applications are fully supported by Callista
Institutions can process applications based on the data they want to know. Information can be tailored according to the applicants needs, and business rules can be applied for different categories of students – Domestic, International, Vocational
Education and Training (VET), and more – ensuring that information collected is relevant to the student cohort, and sufficient to support application outcome processing.
The Callista SMS generates admission correspondence, including acknowledgement and offer letters, on an individual basis or via batch processing – with all correspondence registered against the individual student. It is also possible to include standard phrases in admission letters, based on characteristics of the student’s application.
The Callista Applicant Portal enables prospective students to apply for courses online through an intuitive step-based web application. Online application can be customised according to the type of applicant; for example, an international applicant may be required to complete visa details. Applicants can track their application online and, if they receive an offer from the institution, respond to the offer and proceed directly to online enrolment. “Callista continually improves through close, collaborative university input. Made by Australian universities for Australian universities.” Luke Garner, University of Canberra

better student management

The Callista Applicant Portal also enables submission of online applications for scholarships. Administrators can undertake a wide variety of automated checks to determine whether the applicant is eligible for the scholarship, and evaluate and rank scholarship applications according to a points-based scoring system. Callista
Scholarships manages the evaluation of