Essay on Software Configuration Management

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Software Configuration Management

Section A: Multiple Choices 1) Which of the following should be considered as Configuration Items for any project: Project plan, Requirement specification, Class diagrams Design specification, Design tools, Activity diagrams Source Code, Test plan, test Script, Test tools, Test results All of the above

2) In check-in, check-out model, version branching and merging are represented by a structure known as Version Graph History Graph Structure Chart None of the above

3) Which of the SCM related resource is available in Veloci-Q Procedures: SCM Plan SCM Audit Control of Documents SCM Guidelines

4) While working with a SCM tool to edit an existing code file, you follow
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Multiple Releases Product Family

5) Identification of configuration item is an essential part of SCM. Which is the immediate benefit of identifying the CI? Managing release of multiple versions Producing Product Deltas Analyzing historic information Reporting project status

6) __________ process help to control different versions of the product. SCM Change request Concurrent development ? All of the above

7) Controlling the retrieval of modifiable copies of files from the repository is SCM Merging Document Retrieval Concurrency Control

8) When multiple checkouts are allowed in the CM model, which of the following is not true? Changes can only be made with write access Only users in the access control list can make changes True person can work simultaneously using the branching and merging tools if possible No changes are possible to a checked out file

9) Any proposals for improvement in SCM process defined in veloci-Q can be raised using TedWeb Request PIP Audits None of the above

10) Repeated Application of the same selection rule will result in either same or different component configurations. Which of the following results in the same component configuration? Partially bound configuration Bound Configuration configuration template Unbound configuration

11) SCM defines basically : The organization of the