Software Developer Vocation Project Essay

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This Paper is a “Vocation Project” that will be focusing on Software Development. I was told to write a paper on what I wished to do when I enter into the work force, and I really have a desire to go into computer systems. Currently I have already played around in Visual Basic, a version of code, and can make simple programs and tools. Software Development is a quickly growing industry which is in turn producing a large amount of jobs for skilled workers. Software Developing is a job that requires no small amount of skills. Schooling is a necessity, and in most cases a Bachelor’s Degree is preferred. Typically some advanced math and science courses are required for software deving, Advanced Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Physics, to name a few (Portal). Though a Bachelor’s is preferred it is not required as it has been proven that not only schooling makes you stand out to a business. Any experience you have is a major plus for your job search. Experienced workers are hard to find and are a valuable asset to any company. Some examples of “experience” you may gain while in college are internships, co-ops, or volunteer work using your skills as a developer. According to some sources it would be very difficult to find a deving job without prior experience, but on the other side, some sources say they found a job right out of school. I do not know which one is accurate, and it may have something to do with the different sources location or work ethic. There are simply too many variables to state as a fact that you can or cannot get a job right out of college. Once you do get a job deving for a company, or even an internship, you will have to have an efficient work ethic due to the time regulations that the company will place on you. These time regulations are necessary in order to get the product deployed as soon as it can. These “Projects” or software is planned from the beginning with a strict time limitation on each section of the project. These limitations are upheld unless of course they run into a major problem. Being a developer means you must work well with others, as most of your job will be conversing and discussing topics with your co-workers. Software Developers work as a team and accomplish a lot in a small amount of time. Working as a team also adds the benefit of morale support and reducing bugs and issues because of brainstorming sessions. This system works well in the developing world and has been used in the past. A software developer will never exclusively work with a team nor by himself, it is continually switching back and forth. Being a Software Dev does not exclusively include computer programming. All Software Developers know how to write code and program software, but not all computer programmers know how to be a software designer. Basically, what Software Devs do is design the format and the “instructions” of a certain software program. This means they decide how the program is to look, always striving for maximum efficiency and easy input for the user, they also tell the computer programmers how the code is to be written and what specifically it is supposed to do. There is a life cycle of a program or “project” that the Software Dev urges along. The first step of the process is listening to the client’s needs. This includes hearing what the customer wants in his program and what preference he has for the layout of the program. This is a prime example of when a Software Dev must use people interaction skills. Deving is not only dealing with computers but also people. The next step is planning the program with the customer. This step is basically taking the ideas and preferences of the customer and using those to plan the layout and design of the program, this is not a “technical” step, planning the program is simply writing down sentences of what you want it to do in the order you want it to do it in. The third step is designing the program. This step is specific