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The Five stages of a
Software Development








S.D.L.C cycle
 Planning- The initial phase starts by defning the need. The purpose of the planning phase is to identify clearly the nature and scope of the business opportunity or problem by performing a preliminary investigation. This entails investigating their current system and what they hope to have in the future.
 Analysis- In the analysis phase we get further information about what they want and build more in-depth models of what they can expect to achieve with their new system.
Requirement for the software are documented and reviewed with the customer.
 Design- when the project really starts to take form, We
Engineers plan out all the inputs, outputs, interfaces, processes for the project and create the system design specifcation from this data. The requirements translated into representation of the Software that can be assessed for quality before coding begins.

S.D.L.C cycle

1.Implementation-There are three stage of

implementation coding : this is the design translated into a machine-readable form. code generation can be accomplished mechanistically. testing : After coding team will make a prototype model to ensure that
System will meet the needs of customer. Installation :
Then after everyone Satisfed that the System is ready they will install the product and convert it into customer existing format.
2.Maintenance-It refers to the support phase of software development. In this fnal phase, the team maintains the system and updates it as necessary to keep up to date with its environment. It focuses on change associated with error correction, changes due to enhancements brought about by changing customer requirements. Models
S.D.L.C Model
SDLC Model is an abstract representation of a process describe the activities performed at each stage of a software development project .

Waterfall Model
 RAD Model Iterative
Development Model
The Incremental Development
Model Spiral Model
 The Parallel or Concurrent
Development Model

Waterfall Model

 Waterfall Model
 This Model also called Linear

sequential Development
Model, this model suggest a systematic Sequentially approach to