Software Teams Can Be Effective Without A Formal Process

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iscuss if you agree or disagree that software teams can be effective without a formal process.
Particularly software teams don’t need a formal process as we have seen situations where a team didn’t have any formal process was able to tackle the entire project in no time like many successful software teams stands as an example for this. There are teams that don’t waste time looking a imagined picture and start writing down a software process. As in organizations individual programmers are responsible for entire projects as they talk with the user and stakeholders directly to get a better understanding of what they need from the software they are about to build and deliver it to users. Generally these kinds of programmers are said to be involved in “jack – of – all – trades” role. They will be like everything themselves right from gathering information to designing and building the software to testing and deploying it. This marks as an efficient way of building a software as it limits the number of persons involved and making individual responsible for the entire project.

Discuss Extreme Programming an how it can be used to develop quality software.
Extreme programming is a disciple of software development based on values like courage , feedback , communication and simplicity as it brings the whole together in the presence of simple practices to see where they are and to tune the practices to their situations. This sort of programming use simple planning and tracking to