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Computer Science and Engineering

Software Engineering Standards

Business Specification

Version 1.0

Document Number: Business Specification-001

Team Number: D10

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1.1 Purpose This document provides a higher and abstract level specification of the system without delving deep into the technical aspects of it. It clearly outlines the boundaries of the system as well as the various deliverables. More importantly this document explains the business impact of the system in terms of what defines the technology used for the system, the economic impact on the organization and the different market considerations that has to be taken into account before inception.
It also outlines possible risks and means to mitigate them. All legal considerations such as following standards and regulations are also addressed. The human resources and time needed for the development is analysed. So is possible training for resources depending on the technology that is to be used.

Describe the purposde of this document. Describe what it contains.


2.1 Identification Business Specification Document 001- Version 1
Identification of this document (name, number, revision)

2.2 Bounds
The system is essentially a data processing and analytics system. It maintains all the records of customers who are enrolled in this scheme including names, length of membership, next renewal date, payment information etc. It also maintains all the data related to the providers such as services offered, number of customers etc.
The system does not provide communication channels between different entities. It does not include the payment processing software or the accounting software for Acme.
System boundaries – clearly describes the boundaries of the system. It describes what is included and what excluded in the system.

2.3 Objectives

Including project priority,

type of delivery: Life cycle (single deliverable, incremental, or evolutionary) and

b) Project Deliverables
Group Roles and Database layout, 20/11/2013
Class Model, 25/11/2013

initial deliverable (milestone) dates.

2.4 System Overview

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