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Company Overview SAP is the world leader in enterprise applications in terms of software and software-related service. SAP AG, headquarter of SAP, is a German multinational software corporation founded in June 1972. Today, the company has 65,667 full time employees all over the world. Based on market capitalization of 93.04 billion, SAP is the world’s third largest independent software manufacturer, behind Microsoft Corporation and Oracle Corporation. SAP delivers products and services for more than 194,000 customers in more than 120 countries. The company aims at helping every customer become a best-run business by delivering new technology innovations without disruptions.
Relevant SC Related Products and Features Netflix provides various software to help companies managing different function areas, like finance, human resources, marketing, and manufacturing. It also has software to manage supply chain cross companies and to achieve sustainability. Netflix’s software for supply chain management has three major features to create value for customers by delivering the perfect order, improving responsiveness, and controlling costs. Therefore, its products can be divided into three areas—demand and supply planning, logistics and fulfillment, and manufacturing network collaboration. Under the three areas, there are different solutions for Supply Chain Management. For example, integrated sales and operation planning solution, which is belong to demand and supply planning, drives faster, more accurate S&OP by integrating your enterprise master data, planning, and reporting processes on an SAP platform. Other solutions include areas of demand management, manufacturing and supply planning, service parts management, collaborative response management, warehouse management, track and trace, and so on.
Evaluation of Products and Services As for the product itself, Netflix’s SCM solutions are comprehensive and abundant. They cover all the aspects